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Nara's 2nd Limited Edition foldable shopping bag!

It comes with 2 handles, a plastic button and can carry up to 10kg


Get yours now before it gets sold out!


Foldable pocket size: 12.5cm by 13cm

Gift set includes: 3pcs Blue Peony, 3pcs Forest Green 2pcs White Porcelain and 2pcs Hydrangea shopping bag


Bag size: 

Length: 43 cm

Height: 37cm

Width:8 cm

Handle strap: 40cm and 68cm

Gift Set shopping bag 2.0

  • Material: Canvas / Nylon

    Due to the product assembly, loose strings may be present but it can be easily rectified using regular scissors or a thread trimmer. 


    Printing: Items are printed on a white base and white streaks, dots or spots may be visible around the product. This is expected on all of our dark coloured products.

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