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Terms and Conditions

  1. Nara Dsign workshops offers instructions on its own premises at 421 Woodlands street 41, Singapore 730421 or at a dedicated place as agreed.

  2. In any case of the participant's absence or no-show or inability to stay the full duration of any session or workshops, the participants cannot be granted a refund in full or in part.

  3. In the case of unforseen circumstances whereby the session or workshop has to be cancelled, Nara Dsign will make the refund via Paypal portal, within 10 working days upon the notification of the change.

  4. All content and original materials for all sessions and workshops are property of Nara Dsign, and no part of it may be copied, modified or reproduced in any media or form, for profit or for free, without having obtained prior explicit written permission from Nara Dsign.

  5. Nara dsign reserve the rights to ammend the terms and conditions.

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