Pre-order  Nara 3L  water dispenser


Material: High borosilicate glass, resistant to cold & high heat.

Safe & environmentally friendly


*Set includes:

  • Water dispenser capacity: up to 3000ml
  • Sturdy 304 Stainless steel stand
  • Measurements (dispenser only): 22CM Height x 14CM Base
  • Measurements (dispenser+ stand): 34CM Height x16CM Base


Cleaning tips: You may wash it with soap and sponge but do avoid using the metal scrub and/scrubbing the artwork.

You are advised to wash it once with water before using the product


Nara 3L Water Dispenser

  • Washing

    It is strongly recommended to wash the product thoroughly before usage. Avoid using scrubs as it may result in the artwork peeling.

    Hot drinks

    It is possible to dispense warm drinks. Should there be a need to pour in boiling water (not recommended), ensure that you do not close the lid immediately after pouring. Let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes.

    Transporting the product

    While it is possible, we do not recommend holding the product via its handle, especially at its full capacity.